Thursday, May 7, 2015

Episode Fourteen- Pennie Opal Plant and Rosa Fallon

In this interview from 4/25/15, we heard from Pennie Opal Plant and Rosa Fallon two community organizers in the Bay Area about the movement against the Fossil Fuel Industry and specifically the WestPac Oil Project in Pittsburg, CA. Pennie discussed the role of indigenous peoples' in initiatives to protect the environment including leading communities in Healing Walks. And Rosa spoke about the details of the WestPac Oil Project including it's health risks and potential ramifications. Pennie and Rosa also shared many local and national resources involved in this historical effort to protect communities and the environment including the Pittsburg Defense Council, Sunflower Alliance, Idle NoMore, Bay Area Refinery Corridor Coalition,, Sierra Club, Forest Ethics, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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